Save Zinnia Seeds For Next Year

The best way to grow zinnias for cheap is to save zinnia seed for next year from your current year’s flowers. For anyone who would like to save their zinnia seeds from one year to the next there is good news. Saving zinnia seeds is very easy to do, and you can easily harvest enough seeds for all of your plantings next year.

To save your zinnia seeds for next year, simply resist the urge to pick your last batch of zinnias. Instead, let them turn brown and dry up right on the plant. It is best to let the dry out right there in the late summer or autumn sun. Once the flowers and the stems that provide them with water are both completely dried up your seeds are ready to harvest.

If you just squeeze the flower head with your hand the seeds will begin to fall out. Keep working the flowers until the seeds are out. You can throw away and other parts of the flower head to keep your seeds clean. The best seeds to keep will be hard and will appear to have something small in them. If you get completely flat or shriveled seeds, those may not be great producers. To make next year as successful as possible, you can keep the best and throw the rest.

Once you have enough zinnia seeds for your garden next year, all you need to do is find an airtight container or bag, put the seeds in, write the year on the bag or on a small piece of tape stuck to the container, and store your seeds in an out-of-the-way place. Pick a location that will remain dark most of the time. A spot that is not too hot or humid is also a good choice.

When spring finally rolls around, you will take great pride in knowing that you can plant your zinnias from your own seed. Not only that, you will save a trip to the store and get your seeds for free.

Zinnias are one of the greatest annual flowers that you can plant in your landscape. If you have not tried zinnias or if it has been several years, try them out next season. They bloom all summer long and will be a bright spot in your garden. In addition, zinnias make fantastic cut flowers and will last for a long time in a vase of water. Planting zinnias is one of the best ways to bring the garden indoors all summer long with fresh flowers.

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